DePaul's Advertising Society

DePaul AdVentors is a club for ad nerds. We discover the world to become better creators and influencers. To innovation.

On The Brink of Something Great

Thousands of messages invade societies and people around the world, competing for our attention. Advertising is a tool used by people, corporations, and politicians who hope to inspire, sell, and persuade. Few dare enter amidst the storm of information displayed on traditional and new forms of media. We crave the noise and dwell among a changing ad world that demands our evolution in experience, technology, and knowledge. We are inventors of new forms of thought and ideas. We are on the advent of a new era of disruption in the humanities, and we welcome it with open arms.

What we do

AdVentors' structure and organization is unorthodox. The best way to learn about and breathe the world of advertising is by exploring the world around us. Chicago is home to hundreds of tech, marketing,  media, promotional and advertising agencies. We are surrounded by culture, food, music, and people from diverse backgrounds that demand our attention. A mad man's greatest tool is experience. As a member of AdVentors you will visit advertising agencies around the city, network, learn about the industry, attend workshops and panels, participate in ad competitions, be mentored, and meet some of your future classmates. 

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